rules & guidelines

 The Guinness World Record contest is for the "largest augmented reality scavenger hunt in one week." The minimum verified participants to set this record is 7,500 people. 

General rules for the ARK HUNT 2019 SCAVENGER HUNT

  • This record is for the greatest number of people taking part in an augmented reality scavenger hunt, in one week.
  • This record is measured by the number of active participants.
  • For the purposes of this record, a scavenger hunt is a game in which the organizers prepare a list defining specific items, in which the participants/individuals or teams travel to various locations or find certain objects. For this record attempt event winners will be determined by the quantity of ARks collected by a user.
  • For the purposes of this record, Augmented reality (AR) is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video graphics or GPS data.
  • The record is for the number of people playing the game but the overall winner(s) of the game  MUST be included in the documentation. 
  • All players must be well versed in the official rules of the game.
  • The scavenger hunt must contain a minimum of 15 unique locations that must be found. (700+ ARks will be hidden for this event.)
  • The scavenger hunters must participate online by interacting with AR objects at the specified locations or by checking in using GPS data.
  • Only participants who successfully check-in/interact with all the AR markers will count towards the final total.
  • Participants must play as individuals. 
  • A minimum of 15 ARks must be collected to qualify as a participant.
  • No player may be counted twice.
  • The scavenger hunt must start and finish at the same time for all participants.
  • The event is continuous. The clock does not stop. One week means a complete 7-day cycle including rest breaks. This event starts at 7am EST on Friday September 20, 2019 and finishes at 7am EST the following Friday September 27, 2019.

Note: This is not an all-inclusive list of rules and regulations for the event. This is meant as a general guide prior to the event. Additional rules and regulations for the event will be provided in the application and contestants will be required to approve and sign off on all terms of service, regulations and codes of conduct prior to the event.

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